What is a Swap Meet?

APRIL 12, 2013 - by Swapmadness.com
What is a swap meet?

A swap meet is an informal gathering for the barter or sale of used goods or handicrafts.  You may sometimes see vendors selling new products or even trading discontinued goods.  Swap meets are where people come together to swap and purchase items they no longer want or need.  A swap meet is similar to a flea market if you bring your items to sell.  A swap meet is a perfect way to get rid of unwanted items and replace them with something you are going to use or sell.  Swapping or bartering for trade was at one point forgotten about.  Since our economy has gotten worse, people have begun to realize that they need to change the way they spend money.  By realizing this it has brought back trading and swap meets around the world.  Swap meets are enticing because you don’t need money to attend or receive new items.  And we all love new items.  All you need to have is items you no longer want or need for trade.  This is why swap meets and trading have come back so strong.  Swap meets will have used and new items.  You can find items such as collectibles, antiques, jewelry, cars and even produce.  You can find wonderful items at swap meets that you might just keep the rest of your life.  So always keep your eyes open for that special item.  Swap meets are fun because you get to receive new goods.  Even if the goods are old it’s new in your eyes.  Swap meets are usually community events which work out great with interacting with your neighbors.  And trust me you will be surprised how much you and your neighbors have in common and what other items that they have that aren't at the swap meet.  You will find thou some people travel the united states for swap meets and certain items.  Swap meets are like recycling because you’re exchanging unused items for something of use.  Swap meets are usually held annually or semiannually but can be held year round.  Swap meets are held outdoors and indoors.  You can have a swap at a park, parking lot, school, field and even your own house.  The biggest key to a successful swap meet is the awareness.  You can do this by posting flyers, ads, or even word of mouth.  Having exact time and date consistently will help with attendance.  If you have a swap meet every year we suggest making sure you have an indoor spot in case the weather doesn't permit.  Swap meets are made for the whole family so bring everyone with items they would like to trade.  Swap meets normally have snacks and drink locations close by just in case.  If you know of a swap meet make sure to tell your friends and family so they can and bring their goods for sale or barter.  Always arrive early so you have time to check out all of the products and the community has time to check out yours. 



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