What is a Flea Market?

APRIL 12, 2013 - by Swapmadness.com

What is a Flea Market?-


 A flea market is usually a large open space where people get together so they can buy or barter a large supply of goods.  You may also hear the term bazaar.  A bazaar is another term for market from the Middle East.   You may also hear the term trunk or boot sales, because some people will bring goods for sale in their cars or even set up stands on their vehicles or right next to it.  Flea markets rent space to people who would like to sell or barter merchandise.   Flea markets normally contain used goods that are high quality items and low quality items you may also find antiques.  You can often find bargains on used goods in reasonably good condition ranging from vehicles to gold.  You also may find collectibles that are worth reasonable money.   Many flea markets offer fresh produce and plants from local farmers and in some states you may even see animals from the farmers for sale or barter.  It’s also possible you may find merchants selling brand new products like handmade jewelry and other items at flea markets.   Some merchants may sell discontinued items for far prices. You may see thrift store owners searching the fleas for goods which they can resell or keep for their self’s. They also call the renters of the flea market “vendors”.  It can be indoors, as in a warehouse or school.  Or it may be outdoors, as in a field or parking lot and sometimes even under tents.  Flea markets can be open annually or semiannually, sometimes they are open year round and conducted on monthly, weekends, and even daily.  Flea market vendors may vary from a local family that is renting a table for the first time to sell a few unneeded household items, to scouts who search the region buying items for sale from garage sales and other flea markets.  Normally the scouts will have multiple staff members watching the stalls.  Flea market vending is different from street vending in that the markets there self-bring in buyers and not a public attraction.  You will find that many flea markets have food vendors who sell snacks and drinks to the visitors.  A flea market is one of the biggest growing industries with flea markets open and going on daily basis all over the world.  When searching flea markets always keep your eyes open for that one rare item.   You never know you might just find the diamond in the rough.  Some people attend flea markets with a list of items and just search for the best price or trade.  No matter what you’re after always be prepared to be amazed by the items and deals you will see.  A flea market is meant to be a surprise.  You will find everyone at a flea market is looking for different items until they see that one rare item they didn’t expect to see.  Always take any additional items you don’t want or need and try to barter for items you want.



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